Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pity Party....

We all have them....a week when it seems that nothing goes right, no matter how much we try.

Well this has been one of those weeks. There's no point in going on about every little thing this week but what really didn't help is that I had to go to the hospital for a test yesterday. Nothing life threatening; I can be grateful for that. It's the trip into town that does it to me.

Funny; this kind of goes with my post just prior to this when I talk about how independent I've always been. Growing up in Toronto, I was used to taking the Toronto Transit everywhere. But as I said...things have changed.

My body is not what it used to be; obviously or I wouldn't have been going for this test to begin with. And I was stressing out further as the time came for me to leave.

One thing I did do for myself was to find out if anybody would be home that afternoon so that I could go by for a visit with my sweet, adorable grand-daughter. Emmy will be three years old in July and is constantly amazing me. She is blessed with intelligent, wonderful parents who take the time out to teach her constantly. And though she has very little 'other' family members, she knows how much she's loved by each one of us.

Well yesterday was my big day. I had to be out the door by nine o'clock to catch the ten o'clock bus into town. It wasn't until I was going through my bag at the hospital that I noticed my camera was not in it. I hadn't left my bag unattended once.

I remembered (or so I thought), putting it into a certain 'safe' pouch with a velcro folder in a zippered compartment. I've always been extremely safe with my camera. It's my passion.

At the same time, I remembered how much I was rushing to get out the door and decided that I must have pulled it out and forgot to put it back.

Now, much of my anxiety about getting into town is just that; getting there. It's an hour long walk to the nearest bus stop and as I've said, my body is not what it used to be. My 22 year old son suggested I take the short-cut across the train tracks, which made perfect sense. What I hadn't realized was how difficult the journey would be as I was constantly stumbling.

But I managed and after my test had a wonderful visit with Emmy and my daughter-in-law, Caroline.

It wasn't until evening, at home, when I came to the conclusion that my camera was definitely missing. I didn't sleep well last night and decided this morning to hook up Mollie and we'd cover my tracks; so to speak.

We walked all the way, including the tracks but no sign of my camera. It was on our way home that I found it on the other side of the road, just off the road. It was crushed; obviously been hit by a car. And I have to say that I was just as crushed.

We got home after our three hour walk and I fell asleep on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

When my husband came home, I recall him telling me that the memory card was gone. I find that a bit funny considering somebody had to have picked my my camera, open the compartment that holds the card and my batteries, then close it back up again.

Unfortunately for whomever took the time to do that, the only pictures left on there were of our furry critters and the card worked about 80% of the time for me.

When I think about the big picture, I can't help but think of my son's journey to the bus a couple of hours after mine. He came across a dead cat on the side of the road...just a young one. And afterward he had the task of passing this news onto the owner of the cat.

In the big picture, as much as I miss it; my camera can be replaced.
My dog and our cats cannot.

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