Monday, April 25, 2011

Until we meet again....thank you Ken

I remember when we first met. I fell in love with your witty sense of humour and laughed at the stories you told, while your son just glared at you. He wasn't sharing our humour at all, which made it even funnier.

It didn't take long at all for you and Mrs. D. to welcome me into your family. I've always looked forward to our visits; especially when we would all sit down stairs, by the fire, while you and Mrs. D. would share more stories.

And I'll always think of you when we play with the Wiiiiiiiiiii.

Your wit and intelligence showed through as did your many talents and I can certainly understand how Mrs. D. fell in love with you.

You were a wonderful father and grand-father.

I just want to make it clear that my only reason for saying this is NOT just that you delivered your first child, on your own, at the age of twenty-one. That alone says much about you. Then there are the many stories of canoe trips, camping trips, travel and sadness.

And my own experiences.  

I will always carry with me memories of you telling me stories that Barry didn't want repeated; you and Mrs. D. and the amazing relationship you both had; how you would translate all the English humour for me to understand it...I always thought it was so sweet and didn't have the heart to tell you I could understand it just fine.

Of course there were the times you would act grumpy even though I could see right through you. I can't tell you how many times, I've told Barry he reminds me of you. That is a huge compliment to both of you.

The day before our wedding. I was a bag of nerves and the tasks I had that day didn't help. You were like a father to me. I will always remember you telling me "Eat!!" as I was blabbering away at the table, holding onto my sandwich.

And Barry will never let me forget you telling me the day we were married that there were no refunds or exchanges.

I feel honoured that I had the time to get to know you as my father in law and thank you; not only for welcoming me into your family but for your part in delivering and raising a wonderful, sensitive, witty, intelligent son.
I know you've not truly left us but it saddens me that it will be some time before we meet again. I miss you already.

In the meantime, I'll be watching for you in the night'll be the star with the cutest wink.

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