Monday, February 2, 2009

Love and Hope

This is the picture for February on one of our calendars.
I thought it was a good starting point.

"Love makes all things possible"

Have you ever felt like you were at
a crossroad in your life but you had no control over
which direction it was going?

I spent years with a vision.
I knew what I wanted to do,
and now.....

Now it's gone.

But that's alright.

I know I can do so much more because
I feel the love of those around me...
my husband, my family and my friends.

Even from my dog, Mollie.

In my role as a counselor,
I've worked with many women who
had little or no supports from family and/or friends
and it makes a huge difference in ones life,
especially during a healing phase,
to have a good, loving support system.

Where there's Love, there's hope and
where there's hope, there's
a future.

And I believe in a hopeful future.