Sunday, June 22, 2008

Butterfly landings....

I couldn't help but go back to a couple of my favourite pictures from the butterfly conservatory. I know they're not prize winners but, for me, they speak volumes about the man I love.

From the moment we walked through the doors, until we left, butterflies were constantly landing on my Barry and staying there.

Now it was common for someone to have the odd butterfly land on them and some people were not so fortunate. Barry was like a butterfly magnet. It really was funny to watch.

But in a strange way, I have to think it's just who Barry is. He has such a quiet calm energy; not like anyone I've known.

It's funny how we can find our validation in something as beautiful as butterflies. If ever I know I got it right, this is it.

Funny thing is....for the most part, as they were landing on him; he was just busy...taking pictures...totally unaware...just being.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Did It!!!

I sometimes forget there's a possibility that someone may actually read what I'm putting down here. And that somewhere out in this world, somebody actually cares how my day went.

In the work I do, I often get a very skewed view of the world. It's so easy to just see the negative side and forget that there are some really good, descent people out there.

People who care about others.

Well our day, as disorganized as it started out, was absolutely perfect. Oh we were close but it was meant to be. At the end of the day, Barry and I were legally married. And I have never in my life felt this happy.

Well obviously it wouldn't be right to post actual wedding pictures of us on here as I did not actually take them. But the pictures I've posted are all related. The pretty yellow flowers were bought by my wonderful new sister-in-law, Alison, to decorate the tables. They are now planted in my front garden.

We spent a night at the White Oaks Resort in Niagara on the Lake and played around Niagara Falls a bit. Naturally we had to visit the Butterfly Conservatory. I thought I was in Butterfly Paradise.

I just love the diversity in our world.

Oh...and I guess I could post the link to our friend who gave us an offer we couldn't refuse for our wedding pictures. At least she would be taking credit for her own work then....Let me introduce you to Jordan and, if you would like...a few wedding shots.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wedding Freak-out!!!

Well it's now technically 4 day's (it's after midnight) until our wedding day and I'm in freak-out mode.

I'm trying really hard to be optimistic but my cart can only get so full before it tips.

Everything so far has been falling into place so beautifully. We've been putting this together so amazingly well. Barry reminds me of that when I start to panic. I know to let go of what I have no control of but My Dawg it is not easy. There are certain documents that are detrimental to us being married and I want to be married on Saturday.

I truly believe that there are times in our lives we have to prove just how much we really want something. We are tested many times throughout our lives.

This is not my first marriage. It's no secret. I've not had a great past. It's been full of hurt and abuse but it's all in the past.

There's been a lot of fear with this upcoming wedding. But I think more than ever, I am faced with how much I want to be married to Barry on Saturday.

I can't understand how he has not been married. As I'm approaching my wedding day, I'm appreciating my Barry more for the wonderful man he is and will be honoured to call myself his wife.

I guess all I can really do at this point is put my faith into the universe and pray!!!