Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Officer Bubbles???.....

I've never been one to protest. Oh I have my own personal set of values and I certainly am not a fan of this moron to whom we've given the title of Prime Minister. I think I just can't trust my own reactions when a peaceful protest turns to something that I consider unjust. Especially when our police force takes on the role of bully and decides to take on someone who is obviously making her protest as peaceful as possible.

I've been somewhat following the news coverage of the recent G20 summit in the GTA. I'm not going to even bring up the topic of all the wasted tax money that could have been used elsewhere. That's why we had peaceful protests to begin with.

What really bothers me the most is how our tax dollars were spent on paying bullies to harass the peaceful protesters and perhaps, as theory has it, even started much of the violence.

My husband just brought my attention to a very good example of these paid bullies. Mind you, I've seen quite a few examples up to this point.

But this one really takes the cake.

Bubbles: My two year old grand-daughter absolutely loves bubbles. They're fun and are often wonderful for many events.

I've not yet heard about being careful with bubbles because "they could take out an eye".

This is the case of Officer Bubbles.

A woman was at what appears to be the front of a barricade of bullies. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits, possibly enjoying the energy of what was going on around her. She was making some kind of statement in her own peaceful way.

She was blowing bubbles.

She even appeared to have stopped her violent bubble blowing when confronted by one of the paid bullies.

I have to use the word, bullies, as that is the role these particular type seem to enjoy. Childhood bullies often take a role of authority in their adult life as it feeds into their own feelings of superiority.

In the following video, you can plainly see how this guy is taking great pride in his bully role, even to the point of arresting the woman, after her bubble blowing had stopped. I did not see one bubble touch or injure this guy.

As much as I hate to say it, this brought out a lot of anger in me. It also made me even more aware of why I don't protest.

I know I would not have been as compliant as this woman. Oh, I'm sure I wouldn't be blowing bubbles in this guys face, though I'd be very, very tempted. I do have enough common sense to avoid a charge of assaulting a police officer with bubbles. But I know I would have ended up in some type of verbal argument with the idiot.

My only hope in this story is that Officer Bubbles becomes the object of ridicule; not only online but in his own station. For I know in this society, had I been there and told him exactly what was on my mind, I too would have been arrested.

I think all I have left to say about Officer Bubbles is....what a bloody power tripping moron.