Monday, March 28, 2011

Woman Discovers Fire...

I remember a time in my life when I was very independent; insistent to never have to depend on a man for anything.

Somehow over the years, that changed. It's not even worth my time to go over the old stuff and the beliefs I've formed over the years that were not my beliefs to start with. Not to mention how my body likes to remind me day after day. Getting older does that, doesn't it???

Today started out like one of those days. It's very sunny outside but the wind is cold. And once again I woke up with nothing to fuel up the furnace. It really is nobody's fault, unless I want to blame my own circumstances; which is a useless process that only slows me down.

There are thing's I've learned to deal with and other circumstances where I've been realizing that I wait to be rescued. Not knowingly, of course but I have at least one dear friend who was once again, going to take time from her busy schedule to try to bring me warmth.

Jo is getting married. She doesn't need this and I knew if I put my mind to it, I could get the fire up and running.

While I let Mollie out to do her 'biz', I ran around the tree line, looking for dead branches. I then found that there were also dead parts on the outside of the fallen tree and they seemed to be great for getting it going.

Mollie enjoyed helping me collect it all, of course.

As for starting the fire, I'd watched Barry do it enough times that I figured I should be able to do it by now. I obviously couldn't do it exactly the way Barry does it as he uses wood that he buys on the way home.

I had none of that and so I used whatever I could scrape up.

Well, wouldn't you know, my fire started lick-a-dee split. And it lasted pretty good...until Jo got here, of course.

We still had a great visit and were able to talk about what I need to do...which I will have to start after I clean myself off as I seem to have developed an itch from something in the back...YIKES!!!

But I've got one kick-ass fire!!!

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