Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Wall...last post of the night....

Well it seems our little guests left just as I was finishing up that last post. Go figure.

Right about now, slumlord has received the package I left in his mailbox and is cursing my name; oh to be so loved!!!

I got outside to take a couple of shots...Yikes what a mess still.

Then we got downstairs, through the mud, to get a couple of final shots of the new and improved wall.

What's this??? The corner wall is getting ready to buckle???
I think we'll exit; stage right ;)

And something to look forward to...January 31st, 2008...Tribunal!!! Cross your fingers for us!


Theresa T said...


I was just getting caught up around here and saw your wall saga and all I gotta say is "WTF?". Holy cow!!

Anonymous said...

I've read all your posts, and am thoroughly enjoying them. You're a riot! Your funny passages had me laughing right out loud — which is quite an achievement, since stuff doesn't tend to crack me up all that easily.

You've got a strong, natural writer's voice. It's nice to know that it will have a forum in this blog. I am bookmarking your blog immediately.

The best of luck with it! (And with the wall, the slumlord, and the Tribunal!)