Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And the wall came tumbling down...can they put it back together???

It's hard to believe how fast this day has gone by. I've worked hard to get the paperwork together, only stopping once in a while to take pictures and upload them and I was successful in getting all the paperwork to the proper people on time, complete with colour photos of our beautiful basement wall (or lack thereof).

Meanwhile the moron twins, with the help on one intelligent individual (the contractor is a descent guy) have been working hard. They managed to get the forms in (I think) and last I looked, were preparing to pour concrete.

That was just before I left to register our application for tribunal. I have to admit; I did enjoy serving his papers (aka leaving them in his mailbox) while he's here freezing his butt because he couldn't be bothered. It can be so empowering when you can start finding it all funny.

Well it's dark outside and they're still moving. I just heard the rumbling of the back-hoe so I'm hoping they're not putting all the dirt back before the concrete dries; that would be typical of him.

I have to admit; I'm really tired. I've hardly slept.

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Sondra said...

Woah, and I thought the flood we had in my apartment was bad! That's a mess. I hope you get it all taken care of soon. It must be such a head ache.