Monday, November 23, 2009

Gone too soon....

Saturday started off like an ordinary Saturday for Barry and I. He got my son Drew off to work while I allowed myself to wake up and slowly start to tidy up a bit.

We were just about to start sorting out some outdoor candy canes when Barry took a call for Drew from one his friends. I could tell from his expression that it wasn't good but nothing could have prepared me for what Barry was about to tell me when he hung up the phone.
Drew has a pretty tight group of friends for the most part. Most of them date back to high school and the various bands they formed together. It was Michael that was taking on the dreadful task Saturday of having to call all of his friends and pass on the horrible news.

Andy was a big part of this group. It was Andy, Drew & Curtis that formed the infamous Janga Brothers that will live on in our hearts forever.

Andy was also considered the more cautious one. He didn't take drugs or even smoke pot and when he drank, he drank with common sense. But somehow on Friday night, at the age of 21 years, Andy took a fall from a 7 story balcony and lost his life.

None of the close group were there that night. From what little they know, he was supposed to be attending his work party. There are more questions than answers. How could this happen to Andy who is the most cautious guy they know?

Naturally, we got Drew out of work right away. He's devastated; each and every one of his friends, including his girlfriend are devastated and I have to be honest; so am I. These kids have spent so much time at my house, I can't help but form a bit of a bond. I can't count the number of times, I'm telling them "drive safe...." as they're on the way out the door. We make sure we have a place for them to crash if they need to. This could have been my child and I feel awful for being thankful that my children are alive and well.

My heart is crying for Andy's parents. No parent deserves to go through this. No parent should have to bury their child. Dean and Andy had such a close relationship; I can't even imagine their pain.

Andy had a whole future ahead of him. He hadn't even finished university yet. And he would have gone far. He was intelligent and talented with a wonderful sense of humour.
Andy...I know that wherever you are, there are good people already there. So you're not alone. We'll miss you here but in time, I know we'll all meet again.

But the healing is going to take a long time. Which really makes me think; it's not always how many years we spend on this earth but how many lives we touch while we're here.

Andy touched many lives in his short life. Many tears have been shed and will be flowing for a long time yet.
Rest in peace, will never be forgotten and always loved.

****thanks to Tracy Rochetta for the last picture (taken at our wedding June 7, 2008)

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